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Surface finish

Just as important as it is to prepare a surface before it is coated with microcement, it is also important to spend time finishing the surface. Giving a good final touch to that wall, floor or piece of furniture that you are going to transform to give it a more modern and avant-garde touch is essential so that it has a higher durability and does not deteriorate so quickly over the years. In addition, a good finish is also synonymous with greater resistance.

When it comes to coating a surface with microcement you will need several products to obtain optimal and top-level results, products that you have at your complete disposal in the Buy Microcement online store and that range from surface preparation, microcement itself to make the coating or products for the final finish.

The star products for the final finish on surfaces that we offer on our website are the polyurethane varnish for a satin and two-component water-based finish, one-component polyurethane varnish that acts as a water-based acrylic sealant and is perfect for applying to walls and normal sealant. water-based acrylic to apply after the last layer of microcement in order to give consistency and harden the surface.

Acquiring these surface finishing products is very easy, in our online store you have complete information on all of them and, in a couple of clicks, you will have them in your shopping basket ready to pay. Within 48-72 working hours, except for problems beyond Buy Microcement, we will deliver them to your home.

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Normal Sealer

Normal Sealer 1L

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Normal Sealer

Normal Sealer 5L

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