Tools and other materials

The world of home decoration is quite wide and new decorative techniques are continually appearing that allow you to even do it yourself without the help of any professional. One of these decorative techniques, whose use is on the rise every day, is microcement, a decorative coating that stands out for the exclusive finish it provides to each piece, generally with a contemporary and avant-garde touch. And, like any other decorative technique, microcement cladding requires various tools for its application.

We have the tools, products and materials necessary to apply the microcement on the surface of the home that you want, generally walls, furniture or floors, at your disposal in our online store. So, in a few simple steps, you can calmly choose everything you need on our website, buy it in a couple of clicks and receive it at home in a period of 48-72 hours.

Those tools, products and materials that we have at your disposal at Buy Microcement are divided according to the moment of application, which is why you will see that we have special products for the preparation or finishing of surfaces, microcement stains or work tools. For example, our best-known tools are the protective tape to protect the surface during the application of microcement, sandpaper for the final smoothing, mixing rods, trowels and spatulas, fiber mesh to reinforce floors or rollers for lacquering and varnishing.

You can find all the information about our products and tools to apply microcement on your surfaces and give them a completely renewed and modern look in our online store where, in addition, you can make your purchase comfortably.

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