Microcement and Micromortar

MICROCEMENT and MICROMORTAR are continuous surfaces, which do not need expansion joints, making them ideal for covering large surfaces such as walls and floors, as well as creating an integrated environment by also using them on stairs, bathrooms and even about furniture.
MICROCEMENT is FINE grained, it is actually the result of mixing cement, quartz, binders and resins, thanks to which it becomes a flexible material and very resistant to scratches and impacts. In addition, work with microcement has been perfected and technically advanced.
The MICROMORTAR is MEDIUM grain it is the evolution of traditional microcement towards a finish on walls with a little texture and on floors towards a very high hardness that allows us to guarantee our work for more than 10 years. In this type of micromortar, the stucco effect of microcement is not possible.
ECONATUR (Needs mixing with resin). This type of MICRO is more used by professionals.
ERFITT (Needs mixing with water). This type of MICRO is especially indicated for export because resin is included in its composition.
READY (Prepared for application). This type of MICRO is used by all types of people, although it is especially indicated for people with less experience in the application.

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