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Ready Microcement

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Microcement ready to use. It can be applied to floors and walls, for exterior and interior use and is waterproof. A very hard and thin product for making continuous coatings. It can be obtained both separately and in our kits.
RECOMMENDED USES: Highly decorative continuous coverings of floors, walls and ceilings indoors and outdoors. Covering furniture, shelves, kitchen countertops, counters, etc. It is not suitable for swimming pools or surfaces in continuous immersion. Covering old coverings of ceramic tiles or tiles. It is ideal for humid places such as bathrooms, shower trays or outdoors as it does not darken due to water. Coating of indoor or outdoor pedestrian pavements on cementitious supports.

Given its high adhesion power on almost all types of surfaces such as concrete, tile, stoneware, terrazzo, wood, metal, etc. They make it the ideal decorative solution both in new construction and in rehabilitation, thus avoiding inconvenience and costs of demolishing previous materials without increasing levels.

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