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Econatur Microcement

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It is a two-component coating. The Econatur line is characterized by using two components for hardening. The microcement powder must be mixed with the resin, in the appropriate proportion, to provide the ideal hardness and adhesion to the system.
CHARACTERISTICS: It stands out for its easy application and maneuverability on a flat surface because its hardening time is very long. Highly decorative continuous coverings for floors, walls and ceilings indoors and outdoors. Furniture, shelves, kitchen countertops, counters, etc. Covering of underfloor heating and fireplaces. Covering of old coverings of tiles or ceramic tiles. Pedestrian pavements indoors or outdoors on cementitious supports. Applicable in indoor and outdoor rooms, as well as in kitchens, bathrooms and terraces. Decorative coating for shops, offices, lobbies, exhibition areas, homes, etc.

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