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One-component Polyurethane Varnish

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  • 1 L
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It is a consolidating sealant, one-component water-based polyurethane for microcement floors and others, it spreads uniformly, leaving a completely homogeneous film to seal the layer of microcement or other cement mortar, the main objective is to build a great internal consolidating force. and thus achieve great hardness to the microcement layer, so this product not only provides sealing and filling of the layer but also provides exceptional toughness inside. This product also dries very quickly and provides water resistance and prevents tread marks. There is a notable difference between this product and a typical acrylic sealant, in that the acrylic sealant only seals the layer but does not provide strength to the system.
Another big difference with the typical acrylic sealant and one-component varnish is that this product, unlike others, practically does not alter the color of the microcement, leaving the color natural.

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