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Two-Component Polyurethane Varnish

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It is a two-component water-based polyurethane varnish with very high hardness and chemical resistance. It has the new WMA technology (Without matting agents). This technology is characterized by not containing matting agents in the satin and matte finishes.

This makes its chemical and stain resistance excellent. Another feature to highlight is the choice of catalyst according to need. They differ in the amount of material. The more catalyst it contains, the better its hardness and chemical resistance. It is used to protect high-traffic surfaces such as pavements, sports courts, concrete, wood, parquet and in general those surfaces that seek an excellent aesthetic and protective finish.
Very high resistance to scratches and chemical agents such as bleach, salfuman or vinegar. No absorption of wine, coffee or oil stains. It is 50% solids, so it provides greater filling capacity with more resistant finishes. Its roller application is excellent, even though it has a high solids content, with a finish similar to the roller gun application. Suitable for outdoors and indoors.

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